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Fanny packs have arrived to Canada and have cleared customs!

The fanny packs have arrived to Canada and have cleared customs! They will now make their way to me in Toronto, which is expected to take around 2 weeks. I...

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Kittea Itabags

 All orders should now have had tracking numbers sent out to you! If you did not get a tracking number, please check Backerkit with the same email that you pledged...

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First batch of kittea bags have been dispatched!

Hello! The first batch of bags have been dispatched! I'm so excited for everyone to get their bags! There are too many bags to fit in the car at once...

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Preorder Updates

Some updates!Waterbottles - The bottles are here! I've shipped most of them out, however some people have received their bottles damaged so I have held back sending all of them...

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Kittea Itabags are here!

They're here! YAY!They will be packed and shipped out as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience!

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Waterbottles are ready!

Thank you for your patience! The waterbottles have arrived! I will be shipping them out to you very soon!

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Preorder Updates!

Kittea Itabags They are headed to Toronto and are scheduled to arrive tomorrow! After they arrive to me, I will be doing quality checks and shipping out orders. I anticipate...

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Kittea Itabags have cleared customs!

Good news! The bags have arrived in Canada and have cleared customs! They are currently making their way to Toronto from Vancouver and should arrive to me really soon .....

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Water Bottles Update!

The waterbottles have arrived in Toronto! Now they will need to go through customs inspection before arriving to me. Customs inspection time may vary due to a backlog and delays. Hopefully...

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