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Preorder Updates

Some updates!

Waterbottles - The bottles are here! I've shipped most of them out, however some people have received their bottles damaged so I have held back sending all of them out for now while I repackage them to make it more secure for shipping.

Boba Cups - They are scheduled to arrive to Canada on March 25th! However, after that they still need to go through customs so it will be a little while before they are ready to ship out. I'm estimating that they will be ready mid-late April.

Fanny Packs - I think they will follow a similar timeline to the boba cups as they were shipped out at the same time!

Kittea Itabags - I'm packing them as we speak! I've sent out tracking info to many of you but I haven't dropped off the bags yet. Your tracking should update in 1-2 weeks! I haven't finished going through the list yet so not everyone has had tracking infos sent out yet. There are a lot so it will take a little bit of time. I will post another update when I have finished sending out trackings and have dropped off the bags. Thanks for your patience! I will go as quickly as possible! 

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