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- wooden coaster

- beech wood, treated with food grade oil

- inner diameter (excludes raised border) approx 3.5in



* please note that as this is made on natural wood, the markings and colours on the wood will vary per coaster

** as this is made with natural wood, it is normal for the wood to warp due to changing humidity and temperature. To fix, place the coaster upside down with a warm drink on top for a few hours (and repeat as necessary). 




These stickers are approximately 1-1.25 inches each, die-cut and waterproof.

These stickers are perfect for putting on laptops, waterbottles, etc.

(for a steamer/bento pouch, please purchase the corresponding bundles)


You can choose which stickers you would like. Please list them in the text field.




- 450 mL capacity

- made with lead free borosilicate glass which is suitable for hot and cold temperatures

- can change from - 20°C to 140°C (-4°F to 284°F) without cracking.

- the cup will come with a removable silicone ring on the lid (not pictured) to prevent the lid from wobbling on the cup. 

- comes with glass boba cup + lid, a stainless steel boba straw, straw bag, and straw cleaning brush

- cup, lid (silicone ring removed), and straw are top rack dishwasher safe but hand-washing is recommended


This boba cup is perfect for boba lovers! Let's reduce waste and use a reusable glass rather than plastic cups! This boba cup is also perfect for enjoying homemade drinks at home! 



 - capacity: 450mL

- approx 23 cm x 7 cm

- double walled borosilicate glass 

- comes with a glass water bottle and a 2 pc stainless steel tea infuser (cup not included)

- suitable for hot and cold temperatures 

- gold designs are printed in between the glass layers so there is no worry of it falling off

- tea infuser is dishwasher friendly, glass water bottle should be hand washed with dish soap


This waterbottle can be used in many ways!

For tea, you can either put the tea leaves inside the 2pc tea infuser or put the tea leaves inside the bottle, and just use the tea filter to block the leaves from falling out when drinking.

You can also use the waterbottle for fruit infused water by placing the fruit inside the bottle, and using the tea filter to block the fruit from falling out when drinking.

You can do the same for cold brew coffee!


** please note that the real item will be slightly different than the pictures as this was a mockup sample. After the sample was made, I adjusted the size of sprout-kun to be slightly bigger. 


- approximately 13 x 11 x 4 '

- perfectly fits a 13' Macbook Pro

- made of PU leather and woven straps

- left side features a charm hook, right side has a stretchy waterbottle pocket

- features both magnetic and zipper closures for extra security

- insides of the bag included a padded laptop slot, a zippered intimates pocket, a pen pocket and an extra pouch slot



- approx 1.25 inches

- hard enamel

- silver plated

- rubber clutch



- A5 sized journal

- dotted pages

- vegan leather

- 160gms, 160 pages 

- comes with a pen elastic and a pouch pocket at the back


The Sprout-kun heated pillow comes with a removable and microwavable flaxseed pad. Sprout-kun is squishy, and is perfect for making any day a comfy one. This pillow is also perfect to help with aches, pains, insomnia, etc.

- approximately 12 inches wide


Use Instructions:

- Remove the heating pad from the pillow.

- Place heating pad on a microwaveable plate and microwave for 30 seconds to 1 min 15 seconds (as every microwave is different, optimal heating time may vary)

- Make sure to microwave in small intervals to avoid burning. (10 - 30 second intervals recommended)

- The flaxseed pad can also be placed in the freezer to create a cooling effect. - A small cup of water may be placed in the microwave along with the flaxseed pad to avoid drying it out.

- The flaxseed pad is unscented but may emit a natural flaxseed scent when heated. If the pad starts to emit a foul odour, the flaxseed may have spoiled and it is best to throw it away.

- In case you may want to replace the flaxseed pad, the size is approximately 6.5 x 4.5 inches.



pillow: polyster with pp cotton filling

flaxseed pad: 100% cotton, whole flaxseeds



** Due to transit, sprout-kun may arrive a little deflated or have squish lines. You can put him in the laundry dryer (take out the heat pack first) and run it to fluff him back up! To fix any squish lines, you can rub it with your hand or use a steamer to smooth the lines out. 





- approx 0.75 inches

- hard enamel

- rose gold plated

- rubber clutch



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