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Preorders Update!

Kitty Bag (Black and Lavender) restocks and Mushroom Tote Bags are now starting to make their way to me from my manufacturer. They are travelling via sea so it will...

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Preorder Updates!

Kitty Itabag: Production is complete! However, my manufacturer's city is currently under COVID lockdown so the bags have not been able to start shipping to me yet. I don't have an...

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Kitty itabags have finished production!

The kitty itabag production is now complete! The bags will now start making their way towards me. This process may take 1-2 months as it will. be travelling via sea....

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Black and Lavender Kittea Itabag Preorders - Progress Update

The black and lavender kittea itabags are taking a little longer than expected to finish as there has been a lot of delays due to COVID restrictions. However, they are now expected...

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Mega Moving Sale

We are moving! Please help us get rid of some bulk before the move and open up space for new and greater things!  The mega moving sale will go from...

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Black and Lavender Kitty Itabag Restock and Preorder

A reorder for the black and lavender variants of the kitty itabag have been placed!  The preorders will be up until the stock sells out. I didn’t reorder too many...

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Tempura Bag Updates

The tempura bags have reached Canada and are on the way to me now! I think they should get here within the next week or so!   

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Fanny Pack Updates

Fufillment is underway and I'm almost done packing the orders. You will all receive tracking notifications soon!   There are still some backers/preorders who've payment has failed so please fix...

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Important! Shipping Fees for Strawberry Moo Fanny Packs

Fulfillment is currently underway! You will all receive tracking notifications soon.  However, I noticed just now that for some reason Backerkit never charged shipping fees for anyone who purchased the...

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