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Fanny Pack Updates

Fufillment is underway and I'm almost done packing the orders. You will all receive tracking notifications soon!
There are still some backers/preorders who've payment has failed so please fix it as soon as possible! Especially those who have backed for the strawberry moo fanny pack. As those orders were not charged proper shipping at the beginning, Many of you were not asked for payment info in the beginning so now that info needs to be filled in before I can pack your order. You can check your order status on by logging in with the same email you used on Kickstarter! (You may need to create an account)
For those who ordered a charm clasp + charm bracelet, I directly attached the charm to the bracelet as I think it looks much better without the clasp in the way. However, I did also include the clasp in your packages so you can switch it up and add the clasp back onto the charm if you would like.
There were a few of you who ordered the enamel charm on an earring hook but only ordered 1 instead of a pair. I'm not sure if this was intentional but I will contact you directly to doublecheck!
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