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Preorder Updates!

Kitty Itabag: Production is complete! However, my manufacturer's city is currently under COVID lockdown so the bags have not been able to start shipping to me yet. I don't have an exact timeline of when the city will reopen but I will keep you updated! Once it starts shipping to me, it should take 1-2 months to reach me!

Bao Wallet: I'm using the same manufacturers as the kitty itabags for these so unfortunately, they are under COVID lockdown right now. Production is currently paused but hopefully will resume soon. It should take 1-2 months for production and 1-2 more months for shipment. I'll keep you updated!

Mushroom Tote Bag: Production for these is ongoing! I'm using a different manufacturer for these so there is no pause in the production for them. I think these will likely take around 3 months or so to be ready. 

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