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Preorder Updates!

Kittea Itabags

They are headed to Toronto and are scheduled to arrive tomorrow! After they arrive to me, I will be doing quality checks and shipping out orders. I anticipate that I should be able to ship everything out before the end of March. 
Please note- there are still a few errored backers on Backerkit, so please double check to make sure the payment went through! 


They have cleared customs in Toronto and are waiting for UPS to pick up and ship to me. Apparently theres a huge amount of cargo at the Toronto port so its taking a little time for it to get picked up but I anticipate that it should arrive in the next week or so. 

Boba Cups and Fanny Packs 
These started thier dispatch to me around a month after the Itabags and waterbottles so I'm hoping that they will follow the same timeline and be ready in about a months time!

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