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for the black and lavender variants of this bag, please visit their preorder page.


- approximately 9 x 7.5 x 3 (width, length, depth)

- made with PU leather

- has a pvc window to showcase enamel pins/charms

- extra patch slot on the inside

- slot on the back for easy access (for things such as your phone!)

- comes with 2 adjustable PU leather straps and one chain strap - you can wear it in multiple ways! (crossbody bag, purse, backpack) 

- PU leather straps are adjustable up to a maximum of 35.5 inches. (excluding the hook)

- chain strap is 47 inches. (excluding the hook)

- bag comes with one corresponding coloured pin insert


** colours and small details may differ slightly from the photos due to sample adjustments and monitor colour calibration differences.

** It is normal for there to be a factory smell when the bags are first opened -- as the bags are newly manufactured. The smell will dissipate with time after being aired out.

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